Group Assessment

These are anonymous. Please respond thoughtfully to these questions and include your responses in your final portfolio.

Part A

1) For this review, I’d like you to include yourself. Depending on the number of team members, I would like you to divide 100 points between all the members (including yourself). This should be based on the contributions made by everyone toward the group preparation for leading workshop discussions.

Team Member Score (combined can’t exceed 100)

Depending on the number of team members, if you adjust the scores downward for some members, you can then adjust the score upward for other members. However, the total number of points assigned must equal 100.

2) If you feel that any team members in have done “above and beyond” work, identify their most significant contributions.

3) Finally, I would like you to rank your group on a one-to-five scale. One (1) connotes an ineffective group. Five (5) connotes an effective group.